How to keep the new year vibe alive!

I love a new year. It is the perfect clean cut time to start fresh on your goals or maybe finally start on that “thing” you have always wanted to do. No matter what it is, I thought I would share some ways that I am keeping the new year vibe alive so that I don’t lose motivation.

  1. Know your why

This step, in my opinion, is the most important and the step that is most frequently skipped over. More often than not we have these great ambitious goals and intentions but lack the driving force of our “why” we are doing it in the first place to keep us going. If we don’t have a clear defined why, it is to easy for us to talk ourselves out of doing it. Take the time often to write down your goals and your “why” associated with them to remind yourself that you have intent and purpose behind your actions.

2. Tell your tribe

Simon Sinek said it best, “A community is a group of people who agree to grow together.” This might be the scariest step but gives you an opportunity to be vocal about your goals. Don’t be afraid to tell your tribe about what your hopes and dreams are. What is life if we do it alone anyways? Go all in and tell them your wildest, scariest dreams and then ask them to help hold you accountable. Allow them to ask you questions and challenge you in your growth. For a long time I never shared what my heart’s desires and dreams were because I was scared of what those around me would think or how they would react. I promise you though, your community will embrace you and help keep you in check so that you don’t lose sight of what you are going after.

3. Stay Consistent

I cannot say this enough – stay consistent. On the days that it feels really hard and on the days that it is really easy – stay consistent. On the mornings when you wake up and don’t feel emotionally ready to grind – stay consistent. I have found that the biggest growth and progress comes in the day to day grind. I think more often than not, we expect every moment in time that we are working towards something to be a victory or a triumphant milestone, but babe that is not reality. Your growth and ability to level up ultimately comes in the still small moments. Stay consistent and lean on your tribe and your why when motivation is lacking to keep you on track. You got this and just remember – stay consistent.

4. Have grace on yourself

I can be my own worst enemy and I can’t tell you how many times I have just given up on something because I thought it would be easier/better to quit than to pick back up and keep going. Did you miss a day or two? Who cares! The important thing is that you don’t beat yourself up. Rather than being your worst enemy, be your biggest cheerleader and have grace on yourself. Remind yourself of your why, call your tribe and allow them to remind you of the boss you are and get back on the grind.

What are you chasing this year? I would love to know and cheer you on along the way!

-XO, Ashton

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