Sunglass Roundup

If I had to pick one accessory as my favorite it would have to be sunglasses. I have a pair for just about any occasion or outing. Today I am sharing some of my favorite pairs and the best part…all under $20.

1. WearMe Pro Reflective Shades – my sister said and I quote “I feel so boujie in these” and really what other explanation or convincing do you need? $14.83

2. Oversized Designer Square Shades – you may have seen these all over Amazon and they live up to the hype. The very best part is they actually are a “two for”, one for you and one for you…or your bestie whichever. $13.99

3. Retro Polarized Round Shades – I got these for a few ski trips that we have coming up. They feel a little sturdier than some other shades I have and I mean the lenses are totally slope appropriate. $8.99

4. Oversized Designer Square Shades – remember when I said “two for”? $13.99

5. Retro Aviator – I think these are so fun and are perfect for everyday. They also come in a variety of colors! $14.92

What is your favorite accessory? Do you have any favorite cheap sunnies?

XO, Ashton

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