White Sneaker Roundup

Oh the infamous white sneaker. I feel like within the last year or so these babies have gone viral. I mean, does any not have a pair of white sneaks? If on the off chance you don’t (baby, it’s time to catch up) or if you want to add to your collection (raise your hand if you have more than 3 pairs…my hand is up) these are some tried and true faves.

  1. Veja Esplar White Sneaker – on my spring wishlist!
  2. Target White Sneaker – less than $30!
  3. Madewell Low-Top Sneaker
  4. MarleyLilly Monogrammed Sneakers – perfect for the one who wants some variety in their sneaker collection
  5. Adidas Grand Court – the OG in my opinion and you can get them in multiple colors!
  6. Nike Court Royal AC Sneaker

What are your favorite white kicks?

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