My 10 Grocery Store Staples

If you haven’t heard me say it before it is worth mentioning here – I love grocery stores. I always joke that my dream job is to work as a stocker at a grocery store. Every Sunday we sit down and get a game plan together on meals for the week and make our grocery list. Even though our list changes weekly based on what we are having for lunch/dinner, there are always a few items that make the list no matter what! Here are my 10 grocery store staples.

  1. Topo Chico – ugh, if you know you know. George and I are totally white girl obsessed with Topo Chico. We like having these stocked in the fridge for lunch, dinner or for well, Vodka. We have been on a grapefruit flavor kick recently but honestly love them all.
  2. Salad Box Mix – This is something that I feel I picked up from my childhood. I have a distinct memory of always having salad with a meal and I have just carried that into adulthood. Not only is it super convenient for meals but goes great when you want to add some extra greens to your smoothie.
  3. Liquid IV – If you have not yet experienced drinking a Liquid IV, I highly suggest you add it to your cart. I have gotten just about everyone in my life hooked on this stuff. While I struggle to drink all the water sometimes, this little guy is a mix that you add to your drink and it acts as a hydration multiplier. Essentially it will triple the amount of hydration that you receive compared to drinking one glass of water. I love the Passionfruit flavor but they have so many other flavors out there. Perfect for drinking right after a workout, post a night of drinking with friends or if you are just not drinking enough water.
  4. Frozen Chicken Breasts – guys, this one changed my life. Pre-quarantine I only bought fresh chicken breasts and would then come home to divide them up into freezer bags and put them in the freezer. During quarantine fresh chicken was a luxury item that was hard to come by so I made the transition over to frozen chicken breasts and I mean this, it changed my life. It literally is just chicken breasts frozen and ready to go in a bag when you need them. It makes dinners super easy and saves room in our freezer. Highly recommend!
  5. Shredded Cheese – believe it or not, I use to have a fear of cheese. I was also so concerned about the calories or fat of it – poor sweet child just didn’t know. Fast forward to today and I put shredded cheese on just about anything (preferably Mozzarella). I sprinkle some over my lunch meal prep, salads during dinner and just about anything else. Not only is there nothing to fear concerning calories but it also is a good added boost of protein.
  6. Siesta Foods Jalapeño Hot Sauce – George and I are big sauce guys, we like having a sauce with just about anything we eat. To say that this sauce is my go-to favorite is an understatement, I put this on my meal prep, salads, sandwiches, truly anything. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!
  7. Frozen Brown Rice – if you haven’t noticed, there is totally a theme about me – convenience. I laugh as I look back on the days of making rice for meals on the stove, the constant concern of mushy or undercooked rice. Now, I literally just grab one of these babies, pop them in the microwave for 3 minutes and voila, perfectly cooked rice!
  8. Greek Yogurt – this is another food that I have only recently become obsessed with. I use to hate Greek yogurt because I felt like it tasted like straight sour cream and now…that’s like my favorite thing. I love having a cup of yogurt for breakfast, mid afternoon snack or after dinner. Greek yogurt is high in protein which helps keep me full and satisfies my sweet tooth. My favorite is the Vanilla Two Good Greek Yogurt and George loves him some Chobani.
  9. Apples – I am very particular about apples and I only like Granny Smith but they are one of my favorite snacks. I typically will have one with my lunch or cut one up after dinner and eat it with almond butter. They are high in insoluble fiber which can help with digestion and let’s be honest are just v tasty.
  10. Alyssa’s Oatmeal Cookies – if I had to choose a favorite cookie – it would be these. These little babies are so addicting without all the guilt. Super high in fiber and made without added sugar they are a perfect snack or treat. I love the Vegan Oatmeal Bites and the Chocobites Chocolate Cookies. Don’t knock it till you try it – trust me!

What are some of your grocery store staple items? What are your favorite snacks? Share below! Thanks for reading!

XO, Ashton

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