Our Adventure Challenge

George and I love date night and while we haven’t been as consistent with it the past few months, it is definitely something we are trying to get back into our weekly routine. If you are anything like us though, we sometimes get bored with the usual dinner out. We like to experience new things together and do things that get us out of our normal routine. For Christmas, we got one of the coolest gifts that serves that exact purpose.

If you have not heard of The Adventure Challenge, it is a book that allows you to choose your adventure (each adventure is hidden behind a scratch off and you only have a title and some “hints”) and capture your adventure by journaling and attaching a picture. They offer editions for solo, family, friends and couples! We were given the couples edition for Christmas and felt like with Valentine’s Day in the air, we would share our most recent adventure challenge.

Whenever you are going through The Adventure Challenge book, you have to scratch off the challenge to see what it is. However, there are hints that are available for you to look at to let you know what you are getting yourself into. The night of our challenge we wanted to stay in so we chose one that would allow for that. You also are able to review the duration of the date and any cost that might be associated with it!

I really enjoy the anticipation and excitement that goes along with finding out what the challenge will be – one of the rules is “No Take Backs” so no matter how crazy the idea you do it! This week, our challenge was a movie night at the house. We got a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies and cuddled up on the couch (opted to stay indoors since it was too chilly to be outside) and popped in a movie.

Sometimes the best moments in marriage are just being intentional with each other. Watching movies and sitting around is something that George and I do pretty regularly but having in mind that this was a date, this was our time to be together made it special and fun.

Maggie supervised the evening

I encourage you to take the time to be intentional with your spouse or partner, or maybe with yourself if you aren’t in a relationship. You just might discover something new about yourself.

What are you favorite date night ideas?

XO, Ashton

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