You get to decide

Mic check…testing 1..2..1..2..

Friends, it has almost been one year to the day since I have published anything. This time last year was…odd. Job changes, health issues, family things and just honestly life. Recently though, I have had an itch and a pulling in my heart to get back here. So without further adieu here we are…hopefully this thing is still on.

So, what was so important for me to share to break a year long silence? The title kind of sums it up, a friendly reminder that you get to decide. This past year I have gotten to experience a whirlwind of adventures (more on this coming soon) and all along the way I have had a small voice reminding me that I get to decide.

Everyday, I get to decide how much I love myself, how much I allow myself to grow, how much I allow myself to be challenged and how much I allow myself to enjoy life.

My brother posted a very timely meme the other day where it was joking about how we check social media to see who loves us online. I laughed but also gave it the side eye because it kind of hit a little too close to home. It is very easy to seek validation behind a screen from others that are arms length away from us – but do you seek validation from your self? Are you happy with what you see, are, feel, love and do? I am not sure if you can relate to this or not but I have started to realize that I am most self conscious about myself when I am trying to find validation in others. What?! Why would we ever give someone that kind of power?

This is a no pressure invitation to just remember that at the end of your life I hope you feel all the joy that your life gifts you. The greatest thing about this life is that no one gets to tell you how big you live your life. Have the goals, be the friend and most importantly, be true to yourself.

Everyday, YOU get to decide how much you love yourself, how much you allow yourself to grow, how much you allow yourself to be challenged and how much you allow yourself to enjoy life.

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