Lemons or Lemonade

My dad shared a quote last week that has really stuck with me; ”In every problem, there is an opportunity. We must find that opportunity.” I loved this because how often do we face a problem or really any slight inconvenience and immediately assume it is there as ”punishment”? Or maybe it’s not a punishment but we question our strength to face the situation.

The past few weeks I have been in such a mental funk, especially when it came to getting back into the training groove. It was like my heart was ready but my mind was not. I told multiple people that something was off and wasn’t sure what ”it” was but it almost felt like I needed a mental reset. Now, I’m not advocating that if you are mentally drained that you should not take the rest that you need to recover but this was different. Think of it like you quit a task or workout prematurely and then you get comfortable with just allowing yourself to quit when things got tough – that is where I was. I needed to get my mind into an uncomfortable place and then hang out there awhile so I could fight off the want to quit.

Long story short, I got into that uncomfortable cave this past weekend, set up camp and stayed awhile to seek out that opportunity rather than just suffer through the problem. We have a choice when we face adversity – we can either be an expert of a pivotal mindset or a saboteur of our own growth. Trust your strength, trust yourself and remember to seek out the opportunities for growth even in the storm and uncomfortableness of life.

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