Purpose over Position

You know, it’s pretty amazing to think about how many people there are on this earth. I was sitting at dinner the other night people watching caught up in this idea that each person around me was just living their life, each with their own interests and abilities. It was kind of a surreal reminder of how small we all really are.

I feel like today more than ever there is this continuous balancing act of having to compromise between pursuing the things that you are passionate about but also maintaining that status image we think we are suppose to have. If you are anything like me, feeling like you have a purpose and pursuing that purpose not a want but a need. Associating our identity in the things that bring you true joy and make you feel like you are living your ultimate purpose are innate to our being. If you were to take a step back and ask yourself “what are my passions? what is my purpose? what am I pursuing?” would you be able to answer it? Personally, I am still trying to navigate through those answers.

Your purpose is greater than any title, label or position that you could have. When you start to pursue a life that is wholly centered on living out your purpose you will change the lives of those around you. It becomes an infectious feeling when you start owning your purpose. I encourage you to ask yourself the below questions, the purpose that you have on this earth is unique to you just like my purpose is unique to me. Find your passion and relentlessly pursue it.

What skills come naturally to you?

It’s hard to be passionate about something that is forced. Identify what traits, skills and habits come naturally to you. Ever heard the saying “God-given talents”? Yeah, just keep that in mind with this. You are made with certain talents for a purpose. 

What makes you excited?

We all have that one thing (or maybe more than one thing) that gives us so much joy and energy no matter how much work it is. One of my favorite sayings is “the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling” and when you are doing the things that you are passionate about – it empowers you and makes you feel fulfilled. Think back on times that you have been excited about what you were doing and specifically what about it made you excited? That excitement is not an accident, it is your calling. 

If failing wasn’t a possibility, what would you do?

Sometimes thinking and dreaming the craziest things is the best place to start. When you were a kid and would day dream about all the things you were going to accomplish in life, what did that look like? If you were guaranteed not to fail – what would you do? If you were given a million dollars – what would you do? But don’t just think of the what, also think about the why. In your “why” lays that passion. 

What is keeping you from starting?

Maybe you already know what you your purpose is but, for whatever reason, you are avoiding the starting line. Don’t be afraid to start, give yourself the gift of starting.

There is so much more to life than stressing about life and there is definitely more to life than working, eating and sleeping. You were created for a purpose. You have all that you need within you, share it with the world.

XO, Ashton

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