Life on the Go

”Life on the go…which I like better than ’life going nowhere’. Or ’life on the won’t’. Or ’life on the I don’t wanna try’…’I’m too busy’…’gotta take care of XYZ first before I can make that happen’. Life is too short not to go for ‘it’.” – Danielle Lewis

This is a quote I have been obsessed with recently (I’ve only sent it to some of my peeps no less than 10x). It perfectly describes how I feel about this season of my life. I want to do it all, with intention, no looking back. I just don’t want to sit on the sidelines of this life anymore and watch it pass me by. I want to live and experience life to the fullest and with a purpose.

I feel like busyness gets a bad rap – and sometimes for good reason. Just being busy to be busy isn’t always productive and ultimately doesn’t help you in any way. But, being busy because you are taking chances and pursuing the life that you are manifesting is honorable in my opinion. Or, maybe it isn’t busyness that is holding you back but your mindset or the excuses that we tell ourselves. Whatever it is, don’t sit idly by watching life happen without you.

I encourage you not to be afraid of the busyness, excuses, opinions or fears when it comes to experiencing this life – embrace it. We all know the feeling of looking back and thinking ”man, I wish I had gone for it” or ”I wish I had just taken the chance”. This is your life we are talking about friends – go for it. Take the chance. Live this life on the go and see where it takes you.

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